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Reptile Heating Pad
Sourcing the best reptile heating pad depends on many factors, from the type of pet you have, to enclosure space, and much more. Luckily, the Osborne Stanfield® heating mat is perfect for any reptile species or habitat! Thanks to quality construction and decades of research and development, our heat pads are safe to use anywhere; from under small terrarium tanks to large outdoor enclosures. Their specially-designed, double-insulated heating element produces heat evenly across the entire surface of the pad. Totally sealed construction with durable materials ensures 100% waterproofing as well as resistance to animals that dig and scratch. Whether you have a large tortoise, a small snake, or an adult crocodile, Osborne has a reptile heating mat that will be perfect for you!

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Why Choose Osborne’s Stanfield Heat Mat for Reptiles?

Osborne’s Stanfield heat mats provide the most safe, durable, versatile, and efficient source of heat for all sorts of pets. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s easy to find a heating mat that’s perfect for your setup. In addition, the option of adding a thermostat gives you precise control over the amount of heat output so you can adjust according to your animal’s individual needs.

Stanfield heat mats are ideal for any reptile species:

  • Lizards & Geckos
  • Turtles & Tortoises
  • Snakes & Pythons
  • Large reptiles like iguanas, boas, crocodiles, and more…

We proudly make all of our Stanfield heat pads at our employee-owned factory in Osborne, Kansas. Our products are CSA, CE, IEC, and PSE certified and are quality controlled under a strict ISO-9001 standard. If you have any questions about our reptile heating pads, please contact us.