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If you are looking for the best dog heating pad for your home, kennel, or dog house, you’ve come to the right place. The Stanfield® heating mat excels where other products fall short, offering high-quality construction that ensures a safe and reliable source of warmth for your canine friends. The special heating element distributes heat evenly across the entire mat surface and is sealed within the pad, making each unit completely watertight. Whether you’re looking for a source of additional warmth indoors or a durable outdoor heating pad that can withstand the elements, our line of Stanfield heat mats provide worry-free performance both you and your pet will appreciate.

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Why Choose Osborne’s Stanfield Heat Pad for Dogs?

Stanfield Heat Pads provide the most safe, durable, efficient, and versatile heat for your kennel or your most important pet. They provide evenly distributed heat to block the cold, keeping your dog comfortable and healthy.

Safe – Made of non-flammable, fiberglass-reinforced plastic that completely seals the heating element into the mat, Stanfield heat pads are watertight and safe to operate in any environment.

Durable – A rigid, non-porous surface makes for easy cleaning and all heating pads are backed by Osborne’s complete one year warranty.

Efficient – Our revolutionary heating element distributes heat evenly across the entire mat surface rather than just in the center, maintaining a steady temperature  30 – 35° F (16 – 20° C) above ambient air temperature.

Versatile – Thanks to superior, quality construction Stanfield pads can be used in a variety of ways, whether you need an outdoor heating pad for an active dog or a cozy heated dog bed for new puppies.


We proudly make all of our Stanfield heat pads at our 100% employee-owned factory in Osborne, Kansas. Our products are CSA, CE, IEC, and PSE certified and are quality controlled under a strict ISO-9001 standard. If you have any questions about our dog heating pads, please contact us.

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