Slant Wall Fan 24″, 6363 CFM

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The 24″ Slant Wall Fan expels condensation from buildings and keeps interior walls free of obstructions. 1/2 hp, variable speed, 6363 CFM.

Totally enclosed, thermally protected, auto reset, heavy-duty motors with sealed pre-lubricated ball bearings are the best motors available. All motors are dual voltage, either 120 or 240 VAC. Quiet-running polypropylene fan propellers with replaceable blades stay cleaner longer and are perfectly balanced. Nickel plated motor mount and front blade guard have a radial design for less air restriction. The motor mount serves as rear blade safety guard.

Osborne RTM-Glas fiberglass orifice housings are absolutely rigid and will not warp or heat-sag like inexpensive poly housings, even after years in operation. Agri-Aide housings maintain a perfect orifice for the propeller. They are impact resistant and easily cleaned, offering a lifetime of service. Easy-clean PVC shutters are standard. With lightweight poly blades on fiberglass rod pivots, there is nothing to rust or corrode.

Easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

SW2460V, 24″ slant wall fan, 1/2 hp, variable speed, 6363 CFM


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