AV-9 Variable Speed Fan Control

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The discontinued AV-9 single-room Variable Speed Fan Control improves the efficiency of total ventilation systems in kennels. Set-point adjustment allows personnel to set the temperature above which fan speed rises for more cooling ventilation. The AV-9 automatically increases fan speed as temperature rises until operating at full speed at 5 F above set-point. “Odor Knob” adjustment sets minimum fan speed in winter. If the winter-minimum ventilation rate choses with this knob is too low for good air quality, simply speed up the fans by moving the knob to a higher setting.

Operates on 120/240VAC without changing any internal connections. Works with PSC-type motors. Current rating is 9.0 Amps at 120/240VAC. Fits directly to standard 4×4 junction boxes, fully watertight and kennel-ready. Controls 1/25, 1/6, 1/4, and 1/2 HP motors of the same size.

Limited quantities available. Contact Osborne for availablility and shipping quote.

AV-9 Specifications
Catalog Number FE-000AV9
Fan Type Variable speed fan control
Motors Controlled* 1/25 (up to 6), 1/6 (up to 3), 1/4 (up to 2), 1/2 (up to 1)
Voltage 120/240V

* All motors must be the same size.


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