The Easiest Way To Keep Baby Animals Warm This Spring Spring Has Sprung!

petheatingpaddogs-250x250Spring Has Sprung!

It’s Spring! The season when the the weather begins to warm, things get greener, and most importantly, baby animals are born! In many ways, spring is the perfect time for animals to have their offspring, but there is a downside. Spring has chilly nights and more rainfall than any other season, making it necessary for newborn animals to be kept warm and dry. The easiest way to give puppies, reptiles, and other baby animals the warmth and comfort they need is with a pet heating pad. The benefits of heating pads are endless, but most importantly they are durable, versatile, and economical.

Durability Makes a Difference

Durability is without a doubt, the most important quality in any product made for animals. In nature, animals learn to use their claws and teeth to alter their environment in an effort to make it as comfortable as possible. Many makers of animal products don’t take these instincts into account, producing animal supplies made from inferior materials that can’t endure chewing and scratching. Osborne’s Stanfield pet heat pads are designed for animals, so they are made to be extra durable! Each pad is made from Osborne’s own engineered fiberglass-reinforced plastic and is water tight, making them easy to clean and resistant to damage; perfect for large reptiles and other exotic animals or pets.

Versatility and Variety

Infant animals are different, but what they all have in common is the need to be kept warm and dry. While a mother can provide her babies with some warmth, she may move or roll over, endangering the tiny babies. This is especially true for some small mammals. A heating pad gives baby animals a place to rest comfortably while allowing them to be a safe distance from their mother, giving her space to move around until feeding time. Osborne’s Stanfield heating pads are specially designed to accommodate many types of animal enclosures. Not only are the pads made in all shapes and sizes, there are a variety of controls and accessories to help customize the pad to your pets specific needs.

Exceptionally Economical

Understanding the true value of Stanfield heating pads is as easy as considering that you aren’t just paying for a product. You’re paying for warmth and safety for your animals, for quality controlled technology that’s American-made and CSA certified safe to operate. The real value of Osborne’s Stanfield heating pads comes from the peace of mind you’ll get in knowing that your baby animals can rest comfortably on a high-quality pad that will promote good health and growth for years to come.