The Benefits of a Temperature Controlled Heating Pad

Temperature Controlled Heating PadAt Osborne Pet Supply, we are often asked if our Stanfield Heat Pads have an internal thermostat. Our animal heating pads don’t, but here’s why. Our heating pads are a temperature controlled product designed to provide a constant amount of heat throughout. A temperature controlled heating pad is a more reliable, safe, and economical solution for your pet.

Temperature Reliability
Stanfield Heat Pads provide constant surface heat between 90 to 100°F (32 – 38°C) without any temperature control in an environment that is maintained between 60 to 70°F (15 – 22°C). In our experience, an internal thermostat is not a reliable way to control heat pad temperature because it samples the temperature in only a very small region of the heat pad. Such a thermostat is inherently less durable than the heat pad itself, but using a temperature control is the best way to ensure the safety of your pet. Osborne Heat Pad Controls are specifically designed for heat pad control and recommended for optimum performance and economy.

Electrical Safety and Pad Durability
When plugging in the Stanfield Heat Pad, always use a properly fused electrical system and typical safety practices. Other than that, there are no other special requirements. When the heat pads are exposed to metal floors or wet conditions, like in a barn or enclosure, it is highly recommended to us a Ground Fault Interrupting (GFI) circuit connected in series with the heat pad. When in doubt, ask a certified electrician to inspect your setup for safety.

Additionally, place the heat pad so that the power cord is not accessible to animals and cover the cord with a Power Cord Protector that will prevent damage. With these few safety tips in mind, the heating pad will last for years.

The Economy of Using a Temperature Controlled Heating Pad
Although minor differences in efficiency and heat distribution are possible with alternative designs, none of these differences is significant enough to merit the cost in safety, reliability or the initial cost that go with these designs. What makes Stanfield pet heating pads economical are the manual and automatic controllers that help save power; therefore, save money. After testing many alternative designs, our 40 years of success with millions of animals prove that the Osborne design is the most reliable, durable, safe, and economical solution.

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