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Osborne presents at Small Animal Facilities Seminar

The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Animal Facilities Inspection division hosted its second biennial Small Animal Facilities Seminar on June 7 and 8, 2019, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Salina, Kansas. The purpose of the Small Animal Facilities Seminar is to provide animal health information and education to the multiple small animal license types found… Read more »

Why You Need Air Circulation

It’s widely accepted that the most practical solution for the removal of indoor air contaminants in dog kennels and other small animal confinement facilities is to dilute inside, ambient air with fresh, outside air. Thus, most kennel owners employ a complete ventilation system in their facility to properly circulate air and ensure proper health and… Read more »

How to Start Your Dog Kennel Business

Our local dog kennels provide a safe haven for our canines when we have to go out of town. Starting a dog kennel business does require a love for animals, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The safety and health of the animals must be considered, as well as the legal responsibilities of… Read more »

Read This Before Investing in Basket Fans for Circulation

Air circulation for facilities like dog kennels is no small matter. When the health and wellness of those inside is at risk, any responsible business owner will want to take proper ventilation seriously. Basket fans have been a staple in larger-scale ventilation systems for years, but you may be selling yourself short if you don’t… Read more »

Industry Feature: Ventilation in Kennels

Do the animals in your facility have issues contracting kennel cough? Does your kennel room smell of ammonia? Is it difficult to maintain a steady room temperature with constantly changing outside temperatures? If you have answered yes to any of these questions than Osborne engineers can help you design a kennel ventilation system to alleviate… Read more »

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Kennel Ventilation Systems

Good ventilation is essential to keeping boarding kennels safe, healthy, and efficient. When a ventilation system is not working to its full potential, poor air quality is detrimental to both the animals and kennel operators. When it is working properly, a ventilation system reduces unpleasant odors while reducing the concentration of infectious airborne diseases. There… Read more »