Read This Before Investing in Basket Fans for Circulation

Air circulation for facilities like dog kennels is no small matter. When the health and wellness of those inside is at risk, any responsible business owner will want to take proper ventilation seriously. Basket fans have been a staple in larger-scale ventilation systems for years, but you may be selling yourself short if you don’t consider newer technologies that can be more effective and efficient!

The Problem With Basket Fans

Basket fans are multi-directional in air flow coming from the fan. Air flow is up, down, sideways and forward. A large portion of the fan’s airflow capacity is lost off the propeller tips. This is due to the lack of a housing surrounding the propeller to guide the air flow forward. This loss is costly and will show up in the volume of air delivered per dollar spent in electrical costs.

Basket Fan Circulation Diagram

Due to the short length of air flow from basket fans, many units are needed to have a desirable and workable system. The electrical cost of operation will be fairly high when multiple units need to be running to achieve desired air circulation. In addition, some of the motors on basket fans are not variable, totally enclosed, corrosion resistant or watertight. Some do not have ball bearings for longevity of the motor, do not have automatic thermal overload features, are not of the air-over cooling design and are generally not suited for kennel usage.

Finding a Better Alternative to Basket Fans for Air Circulation

Osborne’s Super-Jet fans were specially designed to be more efficient and effective than traditional basket fans. The Super-Jets take advantage of the coanda effect of air flow near a ceiling or wall. This ability of more, dense cold air to attach to the ceiling is dependent on the discharge velocity. Even though the air throw may decrease in length at low propeller speeds, the supply air from the Super-Jet is held at the ceiling longer. This allows the incoming air and the room air to mix for a longer period of time before the air stream reaches the occupants. High induction of room air with the high-velocity air stream at the ceiling results in thorough mixing and temperature equalization.

Super Jet Airflow Diagram

Pockets of stagnant air are eliminated as well as cold, hot, or wet areas. Comfort conditions for dogs are vastly improved due to the lack of cold drafts and even temperature throughout the room.

With over 30 years of experience in on-site operational testing, we at Osborne are very confident that our Super-Jet fans will help keep your canines happy and healthy while reducing operation costs and simplifying logistics.


Benefits of Osborne’s Super-Jet FansCirculation Fan for Kennel Ventilation

  • Improved air mixing
  • Lower operating costs
  • Superior durability