Purchasing Expert Approved Pet Supplies

Osborne Pet Supply manufactures a variety of products that are used across several industries. Our systems are designed to promote the best life possible for many species of animals. These systems include Agri-Aide® Ventilation Systems and Stanfield® Heat Pads—all of which are used and approved by experts in many different industries.

  • Kennels
    Osborne’s pet products make up the ultimate boarding and grooming facilities for any animal’s visit to the kennel! Each of our three revolutionary product lines have worked to improve air quality and reduce overall operating costs, provide fresh water to animals at all times, and offer warmth and comfort to young or elderly animals in the absence of their owners.
  • Veterinarians
    Osborne Pet Supply has supplied the necessary components that trusted veterinarians have used to provide pets the safest, cleanest, and most comfortable environment needed. Veterinarians know what’s best for their patients, and now their secrets of maintaining happy and healthy animals are available for purchase for anyone hoping to provide their pets with gentle warmth necessary for proper growth and development.
  • Zoos
    For several zoos nationwide, our heating pads offer the most reliable heat source for animals of varying sizes. Constructed with fire and water resistant properties and an easy to clean surface, Stanfield heat mats are the trusted source for providing supplemental heat to many species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Whether you’re a pet owner looking for a way to keep your elderly dog comfortable with an animal heat pad or a breeder in need of superior quality ventilation systems, the experts at Osborne Pet Supply can work with a broad range of individuals and industries to keep your animals safe! Learn more by calling 1-800-255-0316 or contacting us online at www.osbornepetsupply.com.