New Rheostat Offers Improved Temperature Control of Stanfield Heat Mats

Osborne, Kansas, USA – Osborne Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the popular Stanfield® heat mat for pets and exotic animals is pleased to offer customers a new, custom-designed manual temperature rheostat that offers improved temperature control for the company’s electric, under-body animal heaters for pets and exotic animals. The custom manufactured rheostat-style Dial-A-Temp control allows users to manually ramp down the electric voltage traveling to the heat mats to give greater lower-end temperature control as heating requirements change.

Customizations made to the control now allow it to ramp down electrical currents traveling to the energy-efficient heat mats as low as 23 (+/-3) volts at its lowest setting. The redesigned control is made exclusively for Stanfield heating pads and is UL-listed for safe operation. Stanfield heat mats have maintained nearly all worldwide electrical certifications, including CSA, CE, PSE, and IEC, for many years.

“The new Model F301 control allows greater control of Stanfield heating mat surface temperatures, especially at the low end, so surface temperatures can be reduced further based on animal age or environmental conditions,” stated Brent Brown, Engineering Manager at Osborne. “Additionally, when Stanfield heat mats are used with a temperature control, users can take advantage of even greater energy savings than using the heat mat alone.”

For nearly 50 years, Osborne’s Stanfield heating mats have been the product of choice for providing gentle, under-body heat for pets in the home and a variety of species and exotic animals at zoos, animal sanctuaries, and boarding facilities. The heating pads offer a double-insulated, low-temperature heating element completely sealed within abrasion and corrosion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced composite. The mats are water tight, fire resistant, and safe to use with dogs, cats, and other pets, marine mammals like seals and sea lions, and exotic animals like turtles, tortoises, snakes, lizards, alligators, and many more.

For more information on heating mats for pets and exotic animals, e-mail or call 800-255-0316.