Industry Feature: Animal Sanctuaries

With more than 40 years on the market, it’s no secret that Osborne’s Stanfield® pet heating pads are a tried and true product, offering temperature reliability, electrical safety, and efficiency for any animal environment, from veterinary clinics to exotic animal enclosures.

Our Heating Pad History and Why They Are Strong Enough for Your Pet

The original Stanfield Heat Pads were developed in 1973 as the first under-body animal heater. Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards and constructed from fiberglass reinforced plastic, the 100% water-tight heating element evenly distributes warmth across the pad, creating a safe and healthy place for your pet or animal to rest. The first heat mats were durable enough to be used in agriculture and livestock environments, and today these pet heating pads have gained worldwide popularity and nearly all worldwide electrical safety certifications.

Heat Pads for Birds, Reptiles, and More!

Many heating pads on the market can’t hold up to the sharp talons of birds or the claws of reptiles, making the Stanfield Heat Pad the optimal choice for an avian or reptile sanctuary. Avian facilities housing exotic birds and large birds use these durable heating pads to provide the ideal combination of comforting heat, ostriches in fieldcompact and slim design, and easy-to-clean material. Even young birds as large as ostriches and emus can benefit from the warmth of a Stanfield Heat Pad.

Benefits of using a pet heating pad for your beloved creature include reducing room temperature without stressing growing animals, promoting healthful rest, and building disease resistance by putting heat where it is most needed.

Set the Perfect Temperature and Go!

Osborne pet heating pads not only come in a variety of sizes, but also provide the option of controlling the temperature of any heating system by means of a manual or automatic temperature control. These products help maintain the optimal temperature for the healthiest animal development and maximize energy savings at the same time!

If you own an animal sanctuary and are interested in our products for your facility, please contact us today. We are happy to help you create the best environment for whatever species you work with.