How to Heat an Outdoor Dog House Safely and Reliably

Dog in Outdoor Dog HouseDog houses are a great way to provide shelter for your dog, with your pet still being able to enjoy the great outdoors. They are great solutions for full working households who need a safe place to keep their beloved canines while not home. Dog houses also provide shelter from weather, especially important for those dogs assigned to protect livestock like sheep.

With summer behind us, it’s important to provide your doghouse with a reliable source of heat to keep your pets warm while avoiding dangerous methods that could put your pets life at risk! Below we discuss various tried-and-true ways on how to heat an outdoor dog house.

Temperature-Controlled Heating Pads

The safest and most efficient way to heat your outdoor dog house, and keep it heated, is with a temperature-controlled heating pad. Unlike other heating pads that pose potential hazards due to short-circuiting or uneven heat distribution, certain models like the Osborne Stanfield dog heating pad are designed and made specifically for your pet. The pad contains a heating element that is designed to distribute heat evenly across the entire pad, not just one spot. Thanks to high-quality construction and fully-insulated heating element, it is the safest pad on the market. Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, the pad is the best option for protecting your pet for years to come.

Hay Bedding

The most economical way to keep your doghouse warm is with simple long stem grass hay. Multiple layers of hay on the dog house floor will help keep your pooch warm when the temperatures drop outside. If using hay for heat, it should be changed out every two days or so, to keep your dogs healthy and clean. If your dog utilizes a heating pad, however, no hay bedding is necessary at all.

Insulation & Carpeting

Not a stand-alone solution, but fully insulating your dog house will certainly help retain heat. You can use the same insulation you would use on your attic, garage or house. Insulate both the walls and roof of the dog house for optimal results. You can also carpet your dog house, wall to wall.

Electric Heater

If money is no obstacle, another way to heat your outdoor dog house is with an actual stand-alone heating unit. Maintain a warm and comfortable temperature for your dog all Winter long. DO NOT use space-heaters that are meant for human houses, as these can pose significant fire hazards in the enclosed space of a dog house. Heating units specifically designed for dog houses are hard to come by, so the cost is high and most usually opt for a heating pad instead.

Solar Powered

Have your pooch go green with a solar powered dog house. Another costly option, but you can fit your dog house with solar panels, as another heating source for your pet.