5 Dog Arthritis Remedies for Soothing Pain

Dog ArthritisOne big responsibility as a dog owner is to make sure our pets are healthy and receive routine veterinary care. Arthritis can wreak havoc on older dogs and be very painful. Along with proper veterinary care, there are natural remedies that will also help with the pain and discomfort that arthritis can inflict.

Below we discuss five natural dog arthritis remedies that you can try with your furry friend:

  1. Extra Warmth
  2. Massage
  3. Low-Impact Exercise
  4. Nutrition Supplements
  5. Acupuncture

Read on for more information on each of these effective natural treatments!

Extra Warmth

As with humans, dogs will experience more severe arthritic pain when they are wet and cold. By keeping your dog warm and dry, you can do wonders for the pain and inflammation that arthritis entails. An ideal way to keep your pooch warm and toasty is with a heating pad designed for dogs to ensure they safely get the maximum benefits heat application can provide. It is important that the pad you choose will safely keep your dog warm and dry with evenly distributed heating to avoid hot spots that can cause discomfort or even burns. A quality heating pad can be applied right on your dog’s joints, which will lead to more immediate comfort and relief. Keeping your dog warm and dry is a natural, non-invasive way to help with arthritis.


A simple doggy massage can help alleviate arthritic pain. To massage your pup, use a flat palm and slowly trace and rub all of the parts of your dog’s body. Concentrate on feeling all of the layers of your dog’s torso, from fur to muscle to bone. You can also wrap your fingers firmly around your dog’s lower legs, and squeeze each gently. Massage can increase your dog’s flexibility and comfort level by stimulating blood flow to atrophying muscles.

Low-Impact Exercise

Stop the presses. Don’t take a 5 mile run on hard pavement with your dog. Exercise can be beneficial for arthritic pain, but be sure it is low-impact and limited exercise. It is crucial to retain your pet’s mobility through light exercise. One great non-weight bearing exercise for your pooch is swimming. Find a dog-friendly lake or pool and keep an eye on your pet’s energy level. Keeping your dog’s muscles healthy and active can prevent further arthritic pain in the future. No matter how old your dog is, or what stage their arthritis is in, light exercise is beneficial.

Nutrition Supplements

There are numerous joint supplements available to aid with cartilage and joint health. The majority of these supplements contain glucosamine, which is a chondroprotective substance, meaning it helps fight off arthritis. The anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3 fatty acids have also proven to treat arthritis. The decision to take these supplements is best made with your veterinarian who can advise on the specific types of supplements that will be best and safest for your pet.


Believe it or not, just like people, arthritic dogs can benefit from acupuncture. Acupuncture helps with a dog’s mobility and comfort level by enhancing blood circulation and the release of pain relieving and anti-inflammatory hormones. Any veterinarian who has completed acupuncture training can perform it on your pet.