The Safest Whelping Heating Pad for New Litters

Whelping PuppyIs your furry friend expecting? Prepping yourself and your pregnant dog can be a difficult and exhausting procedure, especially if you are new to the whelping process. Below we discuss some tips and essential items to have on hand, including a safe and controllable heating pad for dogs.

Pre-Birth Care

Your dog will need normal veterinary care as well as a pre-breeding examination prior to the birth of her puppies. She should be tested and treated for parasites and must be up to date on her vaccinations. If possible, the father of the puppies should be health screened and current on all vaccinations. It’s also crucial for your dog to receive regular, moderate exercise and a nutritious diet. This pre-birth maintenance will help ensure the puppies’ health and prevent any issues.

Whelping Box

A big step is introducing your dog to her whelping box in advance of her labor to make sure she is comfortable in the area and feels safe during delivery. The whelping box should be warm (we will touch more on this later) and quiet. If you have other dogs in the home, they should be kept away from the whelping box once it is introduced, allowing the mother to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Pre-Birth Items

The following are some items you want to make sure to have before your dog goes into labor. Newspaper lining the whelping box may be used as bedding for your dog and her puppies before, during, and after whelping. Towels will be needed to clean off the puppies during whelping. A thermometer may be needed to check your dog’s temperature before whelping, as it will slightly drop before labor. Contact your local vet immediately should any problems arise.

Post-Birth Items

The following are some items you will need on hand once the first puppy is born, and throughout the litter birthing process. You need a pair of scissors to cut the puppies’ umbilical cords in case the mother is not able to. You will also want some unwaxed dental floss to tie the umbilical cords, and iodine is needed to clean the puppies’ abdomens.

After the birthing process is over, clean the whelping box with paper towels.

The Ideal Whelping Heating Pad

A whelping heating pad is crucial to have on hand next to and in the whelping box. While you clean the whelping box after the birthing process, you are going to need to place the new puppies onto a safe heating pad so they stay warm. The whelping box must also be warm to prevent illness. Depending on the breed, the temperature of the whelping box will need to remain at a consistent temperature around 80 degrees, making it important to have a pad that is adjustable.

The Stanfield heating mat offers high-quality construction that ensures a safe and consistent source of heat and comfort for your puppies. Other cheap competitors construct heating pads that do not provide an evenly-based or fully-sealed heating source, causing unsafe consequences for your pets, including burning the sensitive puppies. Our mat distributes heat evenly across the entire mat surface and is sealed within the pad, ensuring your pet’s safety. Stanfield’s heating mat is also strong, tested, and durable, making for the perfect bed for your newborn puppies.