3 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool and Hydrated This Summer

Depending on where you live, summer for your pets may not be such a breeze…or even have a breeze at all! Luckily, the experts at Osborne Pet Supply have shared three helpful tips for keeping your pet both cool and hydrated this summer with a complete ventilation system and Canine Canteen®!

1. Use proper kennel ventilation
Having animals housed in a space that has proper ventilation is vital to beating the heat and remaining comfortable. Proper kennel ventilation not only helps your pet remain comfortable and safe, but also results in less stress, which can lead to being less prone to disease, illness, and even airborne infections. For general requirements for optimum temperature and humidity for your dogs or other animals, contact your local veterinarian. Then, contact an Osborne Ventilation design expert to help you custom-engineer a complete ventilation system for your animal facility.dog in shade

2. Offer your pet plenty of shade
If you must leave your pet or dogs outside in high heat situations, make sure to offer plenty of shade. Chances are if you’re uncomfortable without shade, so is your pet. Something as simple as a well-constructed dog house can provide an adequate amount of shade relief for your pet. Other remedies for shade include a small awning or even tree shade, both of which don’t obstruct air flow.  

3. Provide plenty of water with the Canine Canteen®
The 2.5 gallon capacity of the Osborne Canine Canteen is perfect for dogs or pets kept outside for long periods of time. This innovative water bucket works because of its rust-free stainless steel liner and sealed heating element that keeps water drinkable not only in winter, but all year long. When temperatures do turn cold, water is kept at a constant temperature of 45° F. The Canine Canteen also has features such as a chew-proof bucket lip and wall or fence securing hook attachments.

We hope our tips help in keeping you and your pet cool and happy throughout the entire year and especially during the hot summer months! For any questions on the products we carry at Osborne Pet Supply, including our complete kennel ventilation systems or the original Canine Canteen, call us at 1-800-255-0316 or visit www.osbornepetsupply.com.

Editor’s Note: The Osborne Canine Canteen has been discontinued and will be unavailable for purchase into the foreseeable future. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support of this great product over the years.