When Can a Puppy Sleep Outside?

For some dog owners, especially those raising farm, hunting, or other types of working breeds, it is not a matter of if, but when can a puppy face the elements and sleep outside. Choosing the right age is important for your dog’s health and development! There is a proper time for your puppy or puppies… Read more »

How to Keep Dogs Safe, Healthy, and Warm in Winter

Although the days are getting colder, your pet doesn’t have to! Whether you have an outdoor dog that needs protection from extreme temperatures or an indoor dog that you want to keep cozy from cold drafts, here are a few expert tips for keeping your pet safe and warm this winter (click to jump to… Read more »

How to Heat an Outdoor Dog House Safely and Reliably

Dog houses are a great way to provide shelter for your dog, with your pet still being able to enjoy the great outdoors. They are great solutions for full working households who need a safe place to keep their beloved canines while not home. Dog houses also provide shelter from weather, especially important for those… Read more »

5 Essential Reptile Habitat Accessories for Your Snake or Lizard

Of all the countless species of lizards and snakes on our planet, there are a few common elements these creatures need to stay happy and healthy. Outside of their natural habitat, reptiles depend upon you, as their owner, to provide the things they need to thrive. Just like humans, they need and deserve a secure… Read more »

5 Dog Arthritis Remedies for Soothing Pain

One big responsibility as a dog owner is to make sure our pets are healthy and receive routine veterinary care. Arthritis can wreak havoc on older dogs and be very painful. Along with proper veterinary care, there are natural remedies that will also help with the pain and discomfort that arthritis can inflict. Below we… Read more »

The Safest Whelping Heating Pad for New Litters

Is your furry friend expecting? Prepping yourself and your pregnant dog can be a difficult and exhausting procedure, especially if you are new to the whelping process. Below we discuss some tips and essential items to have on hand, including a safe and controllable heating pad for dogs. Pre-Birth Care Your dog will need normal… Read more »

How to Start Your Dog Kennel Business

Our local dog kennels provide a safe haven for our canines when we have to go out of town. Starting a dog kennel business does require a love for animals, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The safety and health of the animals must be considered, as well as the legal responsibilities of… Read more »

Read This Before Investing in Basket Fans for Circulation

Air circulation for facilities like dog kennels is no small matter. When the health and wellness of those inside is at risk, any responsible business owner will want to take proper ventilation seriously. Basket fans have been a staple in larger-scale ventilation systems for years, but you may be selling yourself short if you don’t… Read more »

How Reptile Temperature Regulation Works

Take a look outside…what’s the weather like today? If it’s winter where you are, chances are it’s pretty cold. If it’s summer, our best bet is it’s probably warm. Either way, odds are your core body temperature is right around 98.6° F. As humans, we shiver or sweat when our bodies become too cold or… Read more »

10 Best Tortoise Conservation Communities

The turtle and tortoise are two of the most popular reptiles around the world. Of the Chelonii order, this is one of the oldest reptile groups, dating back around 220 million years. A particularly fascinating animal, turtles and tortoises are the target of many conservation efforts that aim to preserve the rich heritage of these… Read more »