Supplies for Zoos, Sanctuaries, & Pet Owners

Osborne Pet Supply manufactures three high-quality systems designed to promote optimal health and growth for animals: Agri-Aide® Ventilation Systems and Stanfield® Heat Pads. Whether you are a pet owner looking to keep your elderly dog comfortable with an animal heat pad or a veterinarian in need of a high-quality kennel ventilation systems, we work with a wide range of individuals and industries to keep your animal safe.

Puppies on Heating Pad
Pet Owners

For pet owners hoping to provide their pets with gentle warmth necessary for proper growth and development, the Stanfield® Heat Pad is the ideal choice. Perfect for warming dogs, a new litter of puppies, tortoises and other reptiles, the Stanfield Heat Pad has earned a reputation as a durable and reliable staple in every pet owner’s household.

Exotic Animal Supplies for Zoos and Sanctuaries

For Zoos around the U.S., the Stanfield® Heat Pad offers a reliable heat source for creatures of all sizes. With flame and water resistant construction, their flat and compact surface is easy to clean and maintain. The multiple sizes of Stanfield-branded heat mats provide a wide range of animals with the comfort and warmth they need. These multiple sizes make them ideal for all types of Tortoises (Sulcatas, Leopard, Russian, Red-Footed), Komodo Dragons and other lizards of all sizes, as well as mammals including armadillos, llamas, and more!

Emu bird in zoo
Animal Sanctuaries

When other heating pads can’t hold up to the sharp talons of birds, the Stanfield® Heat Pad is the optimal choice. For feathered friends in avian facilities including exotic bird sanctuaries, large bird housing facilities and specialty bird stores, these durable heating pads provide the ideal combination of comforting heat, compact and slim design, and easy-to-clean material. Even young birds as large as ostriches and emus can benefit from the warmth of a Stanfield Heat Pad.

Supplement Heat for Puppies - Stanfield Heat Pad

Osborne’s pet products provide boarding and grooming facilities the safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment needed to keep dogs, puppies, and cats safe. Each one of our three systems is ideal for the kennel and boarding industry. AGRI-AIDE® Ventilation Systems improve air quality and reduce overall operating costs and the Stanfield® Heat Pad offers comfort and warmth to young and elderly animals.