Pet Heating Pads

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Osborne Stanfield® Heating Pads are ideal for kennels, zoos, animal sanctuaries, and even for your pets at home. Our fiberglass-reinforced plastic animal heating pads continue to be the safest and most economical way to promote good health and growth for your pet. Our heat pads distribute heat more evenly than other pet heating pads because of their revolutionary design. The heating element is patterned to radiate warmth across the entire length of the pad, not just at the center. The heating element is completely sealed in the pad making them water-tight.

Crafted with the most durable plastic, the pet heating pad is tough enough to withstand chewing and scratching, and their ultra-thin profile provides pets with comfort. All Osborne Stanfield Heat Pads are proudly made in the USA at our factory in Osborne, Kansas, and are quality controlled under a strict ISO-9001 quality standard. They are CSA, CE, IEC, and PSE certified safe to operate. If you have any questions about our pet heating pads, please contact us.

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