Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter With Osborne’s Canine Canteen and Stanfield Heat Pad

dogsinsnow-250x250When temperatures start dropping, what does that mean for your pet? Osborne Pet Supply has you covered with products that can keep your pet’s living environment warm and safe during the coldest weather. Two of our acclaimed products, the Stanfield heating pad and our original Canine Canteen, are ideal solutions for cold weather circumstances. While both of these products can be used in various situations, and for animals from pigs to lizards–these products are also ideal for dogs and cats that live both indoors and outdoors.

Provide Supplemental Heat with the Stanfield Heat Pad
Whether your pet has indoor or outdoor housing, our Stanfield Heat Pad is designed with this mind and will keep your pet warm when temperatures drop.When properly maintained, our heat pad can be left turned on for an extended period, easing your mind from worrying about the safety of the product, your pet, or its environment. Through innovative design, we manufacture the pads with a heating element sealed in tough waterproof fiberglass-reinforced plastic, to provide even heat distribution over the length of the product so your pet will not be burned by “hot spots.” A temperature control is always recommended so that you can set and maintain the perfect temperature for your animal. When choosing your heating pad, select one that is the correct size for your needs and space.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated Even On the Coldest of Days
We make it easy for your pet to stay hydrated, even in sub-zero temperatures! Our Canine Canteen keeps your pet’s drinking water ice-free by maintaining the water at about 45° F. How does it work? The rust-free stainless steel-lined bucket has a 50 watt thermostat controlled, moisture-sealed heater that keeps water drinkable. The bucket is also fully insulated with plastic foam, and the chew resistant outer shell is made of durable polyethylene. Spring-mounting hooks come standard, allowing you to easily secure the bucket to a wall or fence.

If you have questions about our products or cold weather solutions for your animals, please refer to our frequently asked questions or contact us.