Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy with the Stanfield Heat Pad

Osborne’s Stanfield Heat Pads are perfect for kennels, zoos, animal reserves or shelters, and even for household pets. Types of animals that can use these heating pads include cats, dogs, small mammals, tortoises, lizards, exotic creatures, and more! Stanfield Heat Pads are the ideal solution for providing supplemental heat to growing animals. Their ultra-strong, non-porous, fiberglass-reinforced plastic material has been continuously proven as the the safest and most economical way to maintain health and increase positive growth for many species.heatpadgroup-250x250

These unique heat pads distribute heat more consistently than any other pad because their design radiates warmth across the entire length of the pad, not just at the center. Not only is the pad’s heating element completely sealed and out of reach of any type of animal, but also water-tight, flame-resistant and long-lasting. These products come in many different shapes including square, rectangular, triangular, and L-shaped. Stanfield Heat Pads have more electrical safety certifications than any other comparable product and easily passed the rigorous CSA, CE, PSE, and IEC electrical safety certification tests. They are proudly made at our 100% employee-owned facility in the U.S.A.

Various Stanfield Heat Pad sizes include the following:

  • 1.5×2 ft. rectangular
  • 1×3 ft. rectangular
  • 1×4 ft. rectangular
  • 1×5 ft. rectangular
  • 2×3 ft. rectangular
  • 2×4 ft. rectangular
  • 2×5 ft. rectangular
  • 2.3×2.3×3.5 ft. triangular
  • 3×3 ft. square
  • 3×4 ft. rectangular
  • 3×6 ft. rectangular
  • 1×6 ft. L-shaped

Prepare your pets for cold weather this fall and winter by ordering a durable, long-lasting Osborne Stanfield heat mat today. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call our friendly customer service representatives at 1-800-255-0316, or fill out this quick form.