Read This Before Investing in Basket Fans for Circulation

Air circulation for facilities like dog kennels is no small matter. When the health and wellness of those inside is at risk, any responsible business owner will want to take proper ventilation seriously. Basket fans have been a staple in larger-scale ventilation systems for years, but you may be selling yourself short if you don’t… Read more »

How Reptile Temperature Regulation Works

Take a look outside…what’s the weather like today? If it’s winter where you are, chances are it’s pretty cold. If it’s summer, our best bet is it’s probably warm. Either way, odds are your core body temperature is right around 98.6° F. As humans, we shiver or sweat when our bodies become too cold or… Read more »

10 Best Tortoise Conservation Communities

The turtle and tortoise are two of the most popular reptiles around the world. Of the Chelonii order, this is one of the oldest reptile groups, dating back around 220 million years. A particularly fascinating animal, turtles and tortoises are the target of many conservation efforts that aim to preserve the rich heritage of these… Read more »

Why Animals Need Pet Heating Pads

Originally, our Stanfield Pet Heating Pads were designed as “pig blankets” in agricultural spaces. Today, they are used in zoos, kennels, animal hospitals, sanctuaries, and even in your own home. They work well on any floor surface as long as the temperature of the pad matches the floor type. Stanfield Pet Heating Pads work ideally… Read more »

Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy with the Stanfield Heat Pad

Osborne’s Stanfield Heat Pads are perfect for kennels, zoos, animal reserves or shelters, and even for household pets. Types of animals that can use these heating pads include cats, dogs, small mammals, tortoises, lizards, exotic creatures, and more! Stanfield Heat Pads are the ideal solution for providing supplemental heat to growing animals. Their ultra-strong, non-porous,… Read more »

Purchasing Expert Approved Pet Supplies

Osborne Pet Supply manufactures a variety of products that are used across several industries. Our systems are designed to promote the best life possible for many species of animals. These systems include Agri-Aide® Ventilation Systems, Canine Canteen® heated water bowls, and Stanfield® Heat Pads—all of which are used and approved by experts in many different… Read more »

The Importance of Newborn Animal Heating Pads

In order for a young animal to maintain optimal health through infancy, it’s important to maintain the proper temperature requirements for their surrounding environments. Lack of proper temperature may lead to small animals becoming chilled, which can often lead to various illnesses and even premature death. As a solution to this problem, Osborne Pet Supply… Read more »

Industry Feature: The Supplies Zoos Rely on the Most for Exotic Animals

An exotic animal tends to be a rare and unusual reptile or amphibian, generally thought of as a “wild species.” The legality of owning such pets varies from state to state, but the conditions in which these creatures are kept should not. Whether you work with animal sanctuaries, zoos, or have a rare pet of… Read more »

3 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool and Hydrated This Summer

Depending on where you live, summer for your pets may not be such a breeze…or even have a breeze at all! Luckily, the experts at Osborne Pet Supply have shared three helpful tips for keeping your pet both cool and hydrated this summer with a complete ventilation system and Canine Canteen®! 1. Use proper kennel… Read more »

Industry Feature: Animal Sanctuaries

With more than 40 years on the market, it’s no secret that Osborne’s Stanfield® pet heating pads are a tried and true product, offering temperature reliability, electrical safety, and efficiency for any animal environment, from veterinary clinics to exotic animal enclosures. Our Heating Pad History and Why They Are Strong Enough for Your Pet The… Read more »